Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Star Trek Femme Fatales statues

Femme Fatales is a range of nine-inch tall PVC statues of female characters from popular culture, produced by Diamond Select Toys. Among the range DST have released several Star Trek characters.

Seven of Nine

Deanna Troi

Star Trek Mystery Minis figurines

Mystery Minis are a range of small (two-and-a-half inch tall) figurines made by Funko. They are released in blind boxes, in series of a dozen or more different designs, themed either on a single popular culture franchise, or pulling from many sources in sets based on genres.

Star Trek characters have so far appeared in three different Mystery Minis releases: Crossovers as part of The Big Bang Theory range, and in two series of science fiction characters.

Sheldon Cooper

Leonard Hofstadter

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Perth Mint Star Trek coins

In 2015 Perth Mint began releasing Star Trek coins; so far they have offered designs representing all the live-action television series, featuring both characters and ships. Most of the releases have come in pairs, one captain and one ship coin, offered both individually (in editions of 5000), and as a two-pack (in editions of 1500) (see packaging examples at the bottom of this list). There has also been one additional character coin.

All the coins featuring colour print sections. Character coins frame the character portraits, printed, in a delta shape, with other low relief details in the "background", such as schematics, computer interfaces, and emblems. Each ship coin keeps the ship as a low relief representation, with a background of printed spacey scenes in a circular section around the ship. The ship and backgrounds are framed by the laurel leaves of the United Federation of Planets emblem, also low relief.

Each coin is legal tender of Tuvalu, with a face value of one dollar. All the coins so far have been cast in silver however, so are sold for significantly higher than this price.

Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise

Captain Picard and the USS Enterprise-D