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Star Trek: Discovery - The Official Starships Collection

Page created 24th September 2017. Last updated 28th February 2021.

Star Trek: Discovery - The Official Starships Collection is a series of model starships with accompanying magazines, published by Eaglemoss from early 2018 until early 2021. It is a spin-off series from the long running Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, focusing solely on Discovery.

The series follows the same basic structure as the original Starships Collection, with each issue including a model starship, and a magazine detailing the ship from both an in-universe and production point of view. The models are larger than standard size in the former collection however (similar sized to the occasional "special" issues of the previous series), and are released monthly (rather than fortnightly).

With initial plans for twenty issues, the series ultimately released thirty-three regular issues, four specials, and two bonus variants. Future Discovery ships will continue to be released as part of the wider Star Trek Universe collection.

This list is in release order.

#1 USS Shenzhou NCC-1227 (Walker class)

#2 USS Discovery NCC-1031 (Crossfield class)

#3 USS Kerala NCC-1255 (Shepard class)

#4 Klingon Bird of Prey

#5 USS Europa NCC-1648 (Nimitz class)

#6 Vulcan cruiser

#7 USS Buran NCC-1422 (Cardenas class)

#8 Klingon Qugh (Disaster) class destroyer

#13 Worker bee

#14 Klingon Cleave ship

    #15 USS Edison NCC-1683 (Hoover class)

    #16 The Festoon

    #17 USS T'Plana Hath NCC-1004 (Engle class)

    #18 Klingon raider

    #19 Class C Shuttlecraft

    #20 USS Haiwatha

    #21 Beacon of Kahless
    • Publication date: November 2019.

    #22 Stealth Ship
    • Publication date: December 2019.

    #23: Landing Pod

    #24 Klingon DaSpu' class
    • Publication date: February 2020.
    • Coverage: Rendering.

    #25 Section 31 Drone
    • Publication date: March 2020.

    #26 Klingon D7 battle cruiser
    • Publication date: March 2020.

    #27 USS Zimmerman (Starfleet Tug) 
    • Publication date: May 2020.

    #28 Section 31 Nimrod class
    • Publication date: June 2020.

    #29 Ba'ul Fighter
    • Publication date: August 2020.

    #30 Section 31 Shiva class
    • Publication date: December 2020.

    #31 Klingon Batlh class 
    • Publication date: February 2021.
    • Coverage: Rendering.

    #32 Section 31 Hou-Yi class 
    • Publication date: February 2021.

    #33 Klingon Chargh (Conquer) class

    Special issues

    #1 Klingon Sarcophagus ship

    #2 ISS Charon

    #3 Section 31 station
    • Publication date: July 2020.

    #4 Starbase 1
    Bonus issues

    USS Glenn NCC-1030 (Crossfield class)
    • Publication date: August 2018.
    • Coverage: Details.
    • Notes: Convention exclusive variant (available at Star Trek Las Vegas 2018), limited edition of 500.

    ISS Shenzhou NCC-1227 (Walker class)
    • Publication date: May 2019.
    • Notes: Initially offered as a subscription bonus item, this ship was later made available as a separate release. No magazine included.

    Subscription bonus items

    Subscribers to the series also receive a number of extra products as subscription bonuses. A set of posters featuring ships from the series/collection (one for Federation, one for Klingon), dedication plaques from the USS Shenzhou and USS Discovery, a figurine of the tardigrade, and an ISS Shenzhou variant model. See separate report for a closer look at the plaques and ISS Shenzhou, and another two reports for images of Ripper..

    The dedication plaques, tardigrade figurine, and a binder for the magazine are also available as separate purchases.

    Unreleased issues

    Several Klingon ships initially marketed as being part of the collection were ultimately never released. They might yet find a place in the Star Trek Universe collection which future Discovery ships will be released as part of.

    Klingon bortaS bir class

    Klingon Veqlargh (Demon) class
    • Coverage: Rendering (misnamed)promotional poster image.
    • Notes: The Veqlargh was announced as one of the ships to feature in the initial run of the series, however the rendering used showed the very similar Qoj class design, which became issue 10.

      Klingon Jejha' (Blade) class

      Klingon Jach (Scream) class

        Klingon Sech (Torch) class

        Klingon Tihapqa' (Destroy) class


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