Thursday 25 August 2016

F-Toys Star Trek starship models

F-Toys is a Japanese maker of small models, which come packaged with sweets. They have released several Star Trek ships, starting in 2008, with the Star Trek Fleet Collection. Most of the same ships from that original series were reissued in 2016, and there have also been mirror universe variants of some designs.

The ships often require some limited assembly to complete them up, and come with an adjustable display base, with text describing the ship.

This list is in release order.

Enterprise NX-01
  • Notes: From the first Star Trek Fleet Collection range, and also included in the series when it was reissued.
  • Release date: 2008 and 2016.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701
  • Notes: From the first Star Trek Fleet Collection range, and also included in the series when it was reissued.
  • Release date: 2008 and 2016.

Monday 8 August 2016

Star Trek Hallmark Keepsake decorations

Hallmark's Keepsake range is a huge ongoing series of Christmas decorations, featuring characters and other designs from numerous properties, including Star Trek. The first Star Trek design, a model of the USS Enterprise was released in 1991, and there have been new Star Trek ornaments every year ever since, with between one and six new Star Trek designs available every year.

For most of the run of the series Star Trek offerings have tended to fall into three categories: Models of ships, which have featured every year but one since the first Star Trek piece in the range. Figurines of individual characters, sometimes with sections of a location, which have featured almost most years since 1995. And dioramas featuring multiple characters and/or sections of locations, most often recreating specific moments from episodes and movies; these have been a regular feature in the range since 2004.

There have been a handful of other formats as well, including more traditional glass decorations, props, and even a postage stamp. There have also been occasional larger ornaments aside from the tree-hanging type, including table-top pieces and tree toppers. Many of the ornaments feature light or sound effects.

The 2020 introduces a new Storytellers range, which interact with each other to tell stories, varying depending on which decorations you have.

This list is split into six, collecting together the starships range, figurines, dioramas, Storytellers, other hanging decorations, and larger format releases. Within each section the lists are in reverse release order, with the latest designs at the top of the section.


La Sirena

HMS Bounty

  • Notes: Includes sound features. A convention exclusive limited edition of 3500, available at Comic-Con@Home, New York Comic Con, and Hallmark's Keepsake Ornament Club.
  • Release date: July 2021.
  • Coverage: Details.

Thursday 21 July 2016

RockLove Star Trek jewellery

RockLove is a jewellery maker, who started to produce Star Trek pieces in 2014. Their designs draw on various aspects of Star Trek, including insignia, props, starships, and text. This page lists all the Star Trek RockLove releases, in reverse release order (the newest pieces at the top of the page).

Coloured delta necklaces
  • Overview: Series of three Starfleet delta shaped pendant necklaces, with enamel colouring for each department.
  • Release date: July 2016.

Coloured delta stud earrings
  • Overview: Series of three Starfleet delta shaped pairs of silver stud earrings, with enamel colouring for each department.
  • Release date: July 2016.

Monday 18 July 2016

Flying Star Trek starship models

While the ships of Star Trek are wholly designed for space, and not naturally inclined for atmospheric flight, that has not stopped numerous toy makers over the year trying their best to bring model Star Trek starships into the air. This page lists those efforts, in reverse release order, with the most recent flying ships at the top of the page.

USS Enterprise-A quadcopter
  • Overview: A remote controlled quadcopter, with the four propellers contained inside the saucer and lightweight polystyrene making up most of the rest of the ship. Also features lights and sounds.
  • Maker: Spin Master: Air Hogs.
  • Release date: June 2016.
  • Coverage: Toy Fair Announcement, images and video.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Deep Space 9 flying disc
  • Overview: A hand-thrown foam flying disc with prints and cut-outs making it DS9-shaped.
  • Maker: Star Trek Shop.
  • Release date: July 2015.
  • Purchase: Star Trek Shop.

Sunday 10 July 2016

2017 Star Trek calendars

This page is a list of 2017 Star Trek calendars. With the latter half of the franchise's 50th anniversary, and recent release of the movie Star Trek Beyond, 2017 is a bumper year for Star Trek calendars - Three publishers have calendar ranges; Universe Publishing in the US, Danilo in the UK, and Heye in Germany. This list is sub-divided into the releases of each publisher.

Universe Publishing

Ships of the Line 2017 calendar

50 Artists 50 Years 2017 poster calendar

Monday 20 June 2016

Icon Heroes Star Trek stationary and office products

Icon Heroes are makers of novelty office products and stationary, who have producing Star Trek products since 2014. Their range from the fairly mundane officer product, but with a Star Trek twist, up to high end statues in the form of bookends and paper-weights. So far all of their products have been TOS or TNG designs.

This list is in reverse release order, with the most recent products at the top of the page.

Picard facepalm bust paperweight
  • Notes: TNG bust and paperweight. Polystone, 8 inches tall, and limited edition of 1701. A revised and enlarged version of the similar bust released in 2018
  • Release July 2020.
  • Coverage: Details.
  • Purchase: Ebay.

TNG paperclips
  • Notes: Pack of 40 TNG paperclips, 20 each of the USS Enterprise-D and a TNG combadge, in an Enterprise-D themed tin.
  • Release 2020.
  • Coverage: Details.

Sunday 19 June 2016

Star Trek stories by John Jackson Miller

This is a list of Star Trek stories written by John Jackson Miller, who to date has written a number of stories in the 24th century era. Before entering the world of Star Trek, Miller was a well established writer, particularly known for his many Star Wars comics and novels.

Miller would have written for Star Trek many years earlier, having sold a story for what would have been a novella in the Corps of Engineers series - Indeed it was his first successful prose pitch. Unfortunately the series was then cancelled before his story reached publication.

The list below is of Miller's Star Trek stories, presented in publication order.

Absent Enemies


Star Trek stories by Kevin Dilmore

Page created 19th June 2016. Last updated 19th November 2017.

This is a list of Star Trek stories and books written by Kevin Dilmore, who has written numerous novels and novellas, a comic, and many articles for various Star Trek magazines and

Dilmore entered the world of Star Trek fiction as one of the regular writers of the ebook novella series SCE, and also began to work with his regular writing partner Dayton Ward on that series. Working mostly with Ward (with the exception of a couple of solo pieces of shorter fiction) Dilmore has since gone on to write numerous Star Trek books, with a particular focus on TOS and TNG stories. With Ward, fellow author David Mack, and editor Marco Palmieri, Dilmore also co-created the Vanguard, and later Seekers series, with Ward-Dilmore and Mack writing alternate books in both series.

The list below is of Dilmore's Star Trek stories, presented in publication order.

Interphase, Book One
  • Notes: Dilmore's first Star Trek story, a SCE novella; the fourth in the series. First half of a duology, and sequel to The Tholian Web. Co-written with Dayton Ward. This book was later reprinted in the first SCE omnibus, Have Tech, Will Travel.
  • Published: February 2001 (ebook), January 2002 (omnibus).
  • Purchase:

Interphase, Book Two
  • Notes: An SCE novella, the fifth book in the series, and second half of a duology. Co-written with Dayton Ward. This book was later reprinted in the SCE omnibus Miracle Workers.
  • Published: March 2001 (ebook), February 2002 (omnibus).
  • Purchase:

    Wednesday 15 June 2016

    Star Trek Funko Pop! vinyl figures

    Page created 15th June 2016. Last updated 7th October 2021.

    Funko's Pop! vinyl range of stylised figures encompassed characters from a huge range of TV series, films, video games, and more, including numerous Star Trek characters representing multiple series. The first Star Trek characters entered the range in 2013, and there have been regular additions in the subsequent years, typically coming in a large assortment of characters from one particular series at a time. There have also been a few additional retail exclusive characters.

    This list is in reverse release order, with the newest releases at the top of the page.

    Spock in captain's chair

    Spock and Isis
    • Overview: exclusive from the 2021 TOS assortment.
    • Release date: July 2021.
    • Coverage: Images.
    • Purchase: Ebay(ad)

    Monday 13 June 2016

    Hot Wheels Star Trek starship models

    Since 2009 Hot Wheels have released a number of model Star Trek starships. The collection so far includes ships from TOS, TNG, and nuTrek. Most of the ships have been part of a mid-scale series, where ships are typically about fifteen centimeters on the longest side. There are also a few releases as part of Hot Wheels smaller model-car series, which are about seven centimeters long.

    Most of the mid-scale ships have been released in waves of four to six ships. The third was was released as a multi-pack with the board game Star Trek Scene It?.

    This list is split into the two scales, in release order by the initial release of any ship class (with any subsequent variants listed immediately after) within each section.

    Mid-scale models

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701 refit
    • Overview: Movie-era refit USS Enterprise. This model has been released twice: As part of the first series, when it was inaccurately labelled on the packaging as the Enterprise-A, and in the second series with the correct packaging.
    • Release date: May 2009 (series 1), January 2010 (series 2).
    • Purchase:

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in space dock
    • Overview: Refit USS Enterprise in a special space-dock style display case, and painted as if part-way through the refit. A San Diego Comic Con exclusive.
    • Release date: July 2009.
    • Purchase:

    Hot Wheels Star Trek die-cast cars

    Hot Wheels' Pop Culture range is a wide-ranging series of die-cast toy cars featuring graphics based on pop culture brands, including TV, film, video games, comics, food, and more - There have so far been two Star Trek series within this range.

    Each of the Star Trek cars focuses on one character, which joins other Star Trek images and iconography decorating the entire vehicle. Both of the series so far have been TOS designs, with the first release using a Gold Key Comics style assortment of images, and the second series using stills and promotional photos from the series.

    This list is in release order.

    Captain Kirk '49 Ford C.O.E.
    • Overview: Part of the Gold Key style series.
    • Release date: 2014.
    • Coverage: Images.
    • Purchase:

    Spock '59 Chevy Delivery
    • Overview: Part of the Gold Key style series.
    • Release date: 2014.
    • Coverage: Images.
    • Purchase

    Saturday 4 June 2016

    Star Trek Barbie dolls

    This is a list of Star Trek Barbie dolls and related merchandise. Mattel released the first Star Trek Barbies in 1996, to commemorate the series' thirtieth anniversary. Later releases have also marked major milestones for the franchise. This list is in release order.

    30th Anniversary gift set
    • Notes: The first ever Star Trek Barbies, released to mark the franchise's 30th anniversary. A two-pack containing Barbie and Ken in Starfleet uniforms. The packaging includes cut-outs of Kirk and Spock on the bridge, setting a scene in which the four characters meet.
    • Release date: 1st January 1996.
    • Purchase:

    Star Trek (2009) Captain Kirk
    • Notes: One of three characters released as part of the merchandising around the release of the first nuTrek movie.
    • Release date: 26th March 2009.
    • Purchase:

    Monday 16 May 2016

    Royal Canadian Mint Star Trek coins

    Page created 16th May 2016. Last updated 15th July 2018.

    In 2016 the Royal Canadian Mint launched a series of Star Trek coins, initially offering a variety of designs to celebrate the 50th anniversary of TOS, and later releasing coins based on other parts of the franchise. Most of the coins were issued in precious metals, and were therefore sold for prices much higher than their given face values. Several coins have offered innovative features, such as being made in unique shapes, or glow in the dark printing.

    This is a list is ordered in descending face value.

    Starfleet delta
    • Face value: $200.
    • Material: Gold.
    • Mintage: 1500
    • Release date: September 2016.
    • Coverage: Images.
    • Purchase: Amazon.

    USS Enterprise
    • Face value: $100.
    • Material: Silver (10oz).
    • Mintage: 1000
    • Release date: October 2017.
    • Coverage: Images.
    • Purchase: Amazon.

    Sunday 8 May 2016

    Star Trek: New Visions photo-comics

    New Visions is a unique series of Star Trek: The Original Series comics created by John Byrne and published by IDW, starting in 2013. Each issue is painstaking created using stills from the television series, to create new episodes in comic-book form, using all the original actors, sets, props and more, exactly as they appear on-screen. The books are perfect bound, and also about twice the length of a typical comic, with each issue normally featuring a forty-two page story (a few have comic in slightly longer or shorter).

    The series began as an experiment on Byrne's part, who set out to create a photo-comic adaptation of the first aired TOS episode, The Man Trap. Realising he had hit on something, Byrne then began to work on an original story, and soon enough IDW picked up the idea, with the first story published as a one-off annual (IDW's first Star Trek annual in fact). The series gained it's title in the second story, issue one of New Visions, although later reprints of the annual also used the New Visions title. New Visions became IDW's second ongoing Star Trek comic series (following the nuTrek series), and is released on a roughly bimonthly basis; although has been subject to frequent shuffling on the release schedule that has led to it not quite keeping up to that release frequency.

    As the series has progressed so has Byrne's technique, while early issues typically used sets as available from screencaps, Byrne quickly began to expand his options by creating new CGI environments, ships, and even characters. Similarly his photo-manipulations have become ever more complex as he seeks to create unique scenes with characters and poses that do not exist straight from the screen. Occasionally Byrne has also made use of new photography to add in guest characters using new actors.

    The list below is of all the New Visions issues, in release order. In addition to the individual issues, the second omnibus book of the series also features a bonus story, Eye of the Beholder, in which Captain Kirk visits both the Gold Key and TAS realities.

    Annual: Strange New Worlds

    #1: The Mirror, Cracked

    Monday 2 May 2016

    Star Trek books and stories by Dayton Ward

    Page created 2nd May 2016. Last updated 25th December 2018.

    This is a list of Star Trek stories and books written by Dayton Ward, who has written numerous novels and novellas, as well as a comic, non-fiction books, and many articles for various Star Trek magazines and

    Ward's first published Star Trek work was a winning short story in the Strange New Worlds writing contest, which he won places in for two further consecutive years. Following this Ward became a regular writer for the SCE ebook novella series, and also began to work with his regular writing partner Kevin Dilmore. Ward has since gone on to write numerous Star Trek novels as well as other shorter fiction, with a particular focus on TOS and TNG stories. Together with Dilmore, fellow author David Mack, and editor Marco Palmieri, Ward also co-created the Vanguard, and later Seekers series, with Ward-Dilmore and Mack writing alternate books in both series.

    The list below is of Ward's Star Trek stories and books, presented in publication order.

    • Notes: A TOS short story, and Ward's first Star Trek story. A winning entry in the first ever Strange New Worlds writing competition and subsequent anthology book.
    • Published: July 1998.
    • Purchase: Amazon.

    Almost... But Not Quite
    • Notes: A Voyager/Department of Temporal Investigations short story. From the Strange New Worlds II anthology.
    • Published: May 1999.
    • Purchase: Amazon.

    Thursday 17 March 2016

    Mega Construx Star Trek construction toys

    Page created 17th March 2016. Last updated 14th September 2018.

    Mega Construx, previously known as Mega Bloks, is a construction toy company, which produces toys using plastic bricks and other interchangeable elements, compatible with Lego and other similar products. Mega Bloks have twice held a license to produce Star Trek construction sets, having produced a single set in 2004, and a range of sets from 2016 to 2018 (in which time the brand changed names).

    So far their sets have drawn their subject from TOS and TNG, and broadly fall into four categories: Models of ships, playsets with figurines, individually released micro action figures in their Heroes range, and larger brick-built figurines in their multi-franchise Kubros range. This list is arranged into those four categories, in release order within each section.

    Model ships

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
    • Notes: A large model of the Enterprise-D, and the one and only Star Trek set released by Mega Bloks when they first had the license in 2004. Released as part of the Pro-Builder range of large models.
    • Number of parts: 945.
    • Figurines: Captain Picard.
    • Release date: 2004.
    • Purchase: Amazon.

    Klingon D7 class battle cruiser
    • Notes: The TOS Klingon battle crusier.
    • Number of parts: 351.
    • Figurines: Kor the Klingon.
    • Release date: April 2016.
    • Coverage: Images, box.
    • Purchase: Amazon, Entertainment Earth.

    Monday 14 March 2016

    Star Trek parody books

    In the 2010s there has been a steady stream of official Star Trek parody books, each taking a unique and light-hearted spin on the Star Trek universe. Continue below for details of them all. This list is presented in reverse publication order, with the latest books at the top of the page.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats

    Star Trek Cats

    Wednesday 2 March 2016

    Star Trek comic strips omnibuses

    Some of the rarest and least known Star Trek comics were published as strips, as part of other publications. Thanks to the way they were distributed, and the relative obscurity of those publications (either only printed in the UK, or a handful of US newspapers), these strips were largely lost to time. Until the 2010s when IDW's Library of American Comics imprint started work to resurrect them. The result is a series of high quality reproductions of those long lost prints, in large hardcover volumes. This is a list of those books.

    In the UK, in the late-60s and early-70s, some of the first ever Star Trek comics were published in weekly issues of magazines such as Joe 90: Top Secret, TV21, and Valiant, printed alongside other sci-fi and adventure series. This series started before Star Trek had even aired in the UK, and like their US contemporaries, the Gold Key Comics, often didn't have the strongest grasp on the themes and styles of Star Trek, often seeming quite out of character with the series we now know.

    Later in the US, in the late-70s and early-80s, another series of strips was brought to life, syndicated to various newspapers. These strips were mostly set in the then present day of Star Trek, in the period of The Motion Picture.

    Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics, Volume 1
    • Notes: First of two books reprinting the US newspaper strips, this volume contains the first ten story arcs, originally published from 1979 to 1981. Also included are several artist audition strips and adverts for the series, as well as reproductions of a series of strips uniquely originally published in McDonalds Happy Meals.
    • Writers: Thomas Warkentin, Tom Durkin, Peter Jacoby, and Sharman DiVorio. Artists: Thomas Warkentin, and Ron Harris.
    • Published: December 2012.
    • Coverage: Excerpt.
    • Purchase:,,,,,,,, Things From Another World.

    Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics, Volume 2

    Friday 26 February 2016

    Star Trek stories by Greg Cox

    Page created 26th February 2016. Last updated 1st April 2020.

    This is a list of Star Trek stories written by Greg Cox, who has written Star Trek prose and shorter form fiction for all the prime Star Trek series except Enterprise and Discovery, although the majority of his work focuses on characters and settings from TOS and TNG. Cox's settings tend to be quite wide ranging, particularly his TOS stories, which have been set in almost all of the major eras from the TV and film series, as well dipping into other time periods; perhaps most notably his Eugenics Wars books set in the 20th century.

    Cox was also going to be one of the authors of the first four adult novels set in the Kelvin timeline, having written a novel focused on Spock-prime in the new timeline, called the The Hazard of Concealing. Alas quite late in production all four of these books were cancelled (not before blurbs and preliminary covers were released however). Cox reused elements of his book later, in the TOS novel No Time Like the Past.

    Outside of Star Trek Cox has written tie-in books for numerous other series, including Alias, CSI, and The 4400. He has also written novelisations of many movies and comic series.

    The list below is of Cox's Star Trek stories, in all formats, presented in publication order.

    Devil in the Sky
    • Notes: A DS9 novel featuring Horta, and Cox's first Star Trek book. Co-written by John Gregory Betancourt. This was the eleventh book in the DS9 numbered novel series.
    • Published: June 1995.
    • Purchase: Amazon.

    Dragon's Honor
    • Notes: A TNG novel, co-written by Kij Johnson. This was the thirty-eighth book in the TNG numbered novel series.
    • Published: January 1996.
    • Purchase: Amazon.

    Star Trek stories by James Swallow

    Page created 26th February 2016. Last updated 18th August 2018.

    This is a list of Star Trek stories written by James Swallow, whose work is wide ranging, including episodes of Voyager (the first and so far only British writer for Star Trek television), numerous novels and other shorter prose fiction for all the prime series except Enterprise, as well as several books-only series, and a Star Trek video game. Swallow has also contributed to several Star Trek magazines, including the Star Trek Magazine and Star Trek: Fact Files.

    Beyond Star Trek, Swallow has written works for several other franchises, including prose and/or audiobooks from Doctor Who, Stargate, Warhammer, and several other series, as well as video game scripting, including Star Wars for Disney Infinity 3.0.

    The list below is of Swallow's Star Trek stories, in all formats, presented in publication order.

    • Notes: Swallow's first Star Trek story, a Voyager episode. Swallow is uncredited, but pitched the story which was scripted by Jeri Taylor. The nebula in which this episode is set was later named the Swallow Nebula in the Star Trek: Star Charts, in honour of the writer.
    • Air date: May 1998.
    • Purchase: Amazon.

    • Notes: Another Voyager episode. Again Swallow is uncredited, but pitched the story which was credited to Brannon Braga, with the teleplay wrtten by Robin Burger. 
    • Air date: February 2000.
    • Purchase: Amazon.

    Saturday 9 January 2016

    Mondo Star Trek posters and albums

    Mondo is an art company that obtained a license to produce Star Trek posters in 2010. Mondo's speciality is limited edition screen print posters inspired by popular culture, typically presented in retro styles. They also produce vinyl soundtracks, VHS videos, apparel, and other merchandise, all featuring original artwork. To date Mondo's Star Trek range has mostly included posters representing TOS, TNG, and Voyager, as well as small assortment of other merchandise including nuTrek designs.

    Space Seed
    • Artist: Martin Ansin.
    • Format: 24 x 36 inch screen print with metallic ink. Edition of 300.
      • Variant: Printed on wood. Edition of 35.
    • Release date: 2010.

    The Trouble with Tribbles - Spock
    • Artist: Olly Moss.
    • Format: 18 x 24 inch screen print. Edition of 350.
    • Release date: 2010.

    Wednesday 6 January 2016

    DST Starship Legends electronic starship toys

    Starship Legends is a long running series of electronic Star Trek starship models produced by Diamond Select Toys. The line was launched by Art Asylum in 2002, and has continued following the company's acquisition by DST. Typically models feature both light and sound play features (although a small number of variants omit these), and come with a display stand.

    All the ships so far released have seen numerous variants, including movie and episode specific releases, as well as battle damaged, mirror universe, and cloaking effects. While some of these variants have been achieved by new print applications or different coloured plastics, many have made use of additional tooling to allow for significant physical variations, such as details of refits, or additional landing gear parts.

    As demand for the ships has remained high, DST have regularly reissued ships, often taking the opportunity to improve paint applications, and implement more advanced electronic systems, allowing a larger range of sound effects (including voice clips which earlier releases did not feature), the ability to switch lights to stay on for a prolonged period, and long ambient noise sound clips.

    The list is arranged in release order for the first variant of each model, with later variants listed directly after, so that each class of ship is listed together.

    Enterprise NX-01

    ISS Enterprise NX-01 (mirror universe)
    • Description: Mirror universe version of the Enterprise, based on the episodes In a Mirror, Darkly.
    • Releases: 2006.
    • Purchase:,

    Sunday 3 January 2016

    Star Trek postage stamps

    Postage stamps featuring Star Trek designs have been produced by numerous countries around the world, and have drawn inspiration from most of the Star Trek series (the only on-screen series not represented now are Discovery and TAS) featuring various characters, ships, and other icons of the series. As most special design stamps are released to appeal to a collectors market, many of the Star Trek designs have been released in souvenir miniature sheets, many featuring the stamps as part of a larger design.

    This list is organised in reverse release order, with the newest designs at the top of the page.

    Gold Key Comics stamps (set 3)
    • Overview: Set of six stamps featuring covers of Gold Key Comics. Released on a miniature sheet.
    • Country of issue: Marshall Islands.
    • Date of issue: 30th April 2019.

    Gold Key Comics stamps (set 2)
    • Overview: Set of six stamps featuring covers of Gold Key Comics. Released on a miniature sheet.
    • Country of issue: Grenada.
    • Date of issue: 30th April 2019.