Tuesday 8 December 2015

Star Trek Femme Fatales statues

Femme Fatales is a range of nine-inch tall PVC statues of female characters from popular culture, produced by Diamond Select Toys. Among the range DST have released several Star Trek characters.

Seven of Nine

Deanna Troi

Star Trek Mystery Minis figurines

Mystery Minis are a range of small (two-and-a-half inch tall) figurines made by Funko. They are released in blind boxes, in series of a dozen or more different designs, themed either on a single popular culture franchise, or pulling from many sources in sets based on genres.

Star Trek characters have so far appeared in three different Mystery Minis releases: Crossovers as part of The Big Bang Theory range, and in two series of science fiction characters.

Sheldon Cooper

Leonard Hofstadter

Sunday 6 December 2015

Perth Mint Star Trek coins

Page created 6th December 2015. Last updated 12th November 2019.

In 2015 Perth Mint began releasing Star Trek coins; so far they have offered designs representing all the live action television series, featuring both characters and ships.

Initial releases came in pairs, one captain and one ship coin, offered both individually, and as a two-pack (see packaging examples at the bottom of this list). Subsequently there have been a variety of additional coins focusing on particular characters, episodes, and anniversaries.

Most of the coins feature colour print sections, either used to frame a low relief representation of the main subject of the coin, or forming the main design itself, additional details are formed in low relief details around the printed sections.

Each coin is legal tender of Tuvalu, with a face value normally of one or two dollars, although there has also been one eight dollar and one one-hundred dollar coin. Most of the coins have been cast in silver however, so are sold for significantly higher than this price. Lower price point versions has also been produced in bronze, and one coin offered in gold.

This list is in release order of the original release of each design, with any reissues noted alongside the original release.

Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise
  • Notes: This was Perth Mint's first release, a pair of coins offered both individually and as a two-pack. Additionally the Enterprise coin was reissued later in bronze, as part of a coin and stamp set.
  • Edition: 5000 each individually (silver). 1500 as two-pack (silver). 7500 stamp and coin set (bronze).
  • Material: One ounce silver, or aluminium bronze in stamp and coin set.
  • Face value: One Tuvalu dollar.
  • Release date: February 2015 (silver), May 2016 (stamp and coin set).
  • Coverage: Details and images.
  • Purchase:

Captain Picard and the USS Enterprise-D
  • Edition: 5000 each individually. 1500 as two-pack.
  • Material: One ounce silver.
  • Face value: One Tuvalu dollar.
  • Release date: May 2015.
  • Coverage: Details and images.
  • Purchase:

Friday 20 November 2015

Borg Cube models

This is a list of various toys, models, ornaments, and other products based on the Borg Cube, and Borg Tactical Cube. First seen in the first ever Borg episode, Q Who, the Cube is perhaps the most recognisable icon of the Borg Collective. Its simple geometric silhouette belays the incredibly intricate detailing of the hull, which has resulted in mixed results when recreating the design in the various forms listed below.

Attack Wing gaming miniature
  • Format: Oversized gaming miniature, one of the largest models in the Attack Wing game. A new edition is due in 2016, featuring a port from which a Borg Sphere can launched.
  • Maker: Neca Wizkids.
  • Release date: December 2014.
  • Purchase: Amazon.com

Eaglemoss model (Tactical Cube)

Thursday 5 November 2015

Star Trek: Gold Key Archives comic omnibuses

The Gold Key Archives is a series of Star Trek comic omnibuses published by IDW Publishing from 2014 onwards. Each hardcover book collects six issues from the first ever series of Star Trek comics, originally published by Gold Key Comics from 1967 to 1979.

The Gold Key Comics have previously been printed in omnibus books, by Golden Press in the 1970s, as Enterprise Logs, and Checker Books' The Key Collection, in the 2000s - Neither series managed to reprint the entire run. What sets the Gold Key Archives apart from both previous efforts is the substantial remastering of the artwork, replacing previously quite drab reproductions with vibrant, clean, and crisp new colouring.

Each book features new cover artwork by Michael Stribling, and new introductory texts from a variety of contemporary Star Trek comics experts. Some volumes also feature short biographies of the original creators.

Gold Key Archives, Volume 1

Gold Key Archives, Volume 2

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Star Trek books by Paula Block and Terry Erdmann

This is a list of Star Trek books written by Paula M. Block, and Terry J. Erdmann. Both authors have written a few Star Trek titles on their own, but the majority of their Star Trek credits have been shared efforts from the married couple. They are best known for the many behind-the-scenes books they have written, but their other credits include other types of non-fiction books, and a few fiction stories.

The Girl Who Controlled Gene Kelly's Feet
  • Notes: This is a TOS short story written by Block only, it was included in the anthology Strange New Worlds, the first book published containing stories from what would become the long running Strange New Worlds writing competition. Block was also one of the editors of the anthology, and indeed continued in that capacity for all ten books in the series.
  • Published: July 1998.
  • Purchase: Amazon.com.

The Tribble Handbook
  • Notes: A light-hearted guide to tribble care, written by Erdmann alone.
  • Published: November 1998.
  • Purchase: Amazon.com.

Sunday 16 August 2015

Star Trek: Attack Wing

Star Trek: Attack Wing is a miniatures game from Wizkids, featuring small-scale models of ships from a huge variety of species and all the prime-timeline Star Trek series. Since its initial launch in 2013, the game has seen regular additions, in the form of single-ship expansion packs, which include the model ship, and a selection of cards which when used in game-play allow you to change your crew and ship-functions.

The first starter set was released in August 2013, featuring three ships. Simultaneously the first eight individual ship expansions were released. Further waves of four ships came periodically thereafter. As of wave five, there were three ships released in each wave, but the release rate was upped, with new releases almost every month. Additionally there have so far been three much larger miniatures of larger-sized ships/stations.

Some of the Attack Wing miniatures are based on earlier Wizkids releases: Unpainted versions of some of the ships previously appeared in the Fleet Captains game, and similar pre-painted versions appeared in Tactics - Unlike the Tactics versions of the ships, the Attack Wing ships do not feature ship names printed on them. As the series has continued, the ships featured are increasingly new molds; indeed with the large number of ships featured, several of the models have been the first ever official models of some ship designs.

Supporting the game are regular organised play events, where retailers can buy in kits, including prizes, featuring various themed scenarios. Often the prizes at these events see the debut of models, which will later get full retail releases. This page lists all the ships so far released (at retail) in the game.

Starter Set
  • Ships featured:
    • Federation USS Enterprise-D, Galaxy class.
    • Romulan IRW Khazara, D’deridex class warbird.
    • Klingon IKS Maht-H’a, Vor’cha class.
  • Release date: August 2013.
  • Notes: In additional to the usual assortment of cards that comes with each ship, the starter set includes the rule book, maneuver templates, and everything else you need to play the game.
  • Coverage: Preview images.
  • Purchase: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk.

Wave 0

Sunday 9 August 2015

Becker & Mayer Star Trek books

Becker and Mayer is a book design company, which, partnering with a variety of different publishers, has produced several Star Trek non-fiction, in-universe, and novelty books. Becker and Mayer titles are notable for their use of innovative formats and high quality production.

Obsessed With Star Trek

Star Trek Vault: 40 Years from the Archives

Friday 7 August 2015

IDW's Star Trek (Kelvin timeline) ongoing comic series

IDW's Star Trek ongoing series is a series of Kelvin timeline comics, the first stories from the new timeline of the 2009 Star Trek movie set after the events of the film. The series began in 2011, and was the first continuous Star Trek comic series from the publisher (as opposed to the miniseries that made up all their previous Star Trek titles). The series eventually ran for sixty issues, concluding in 2016, by which time it had become the fourth longest running Star Trek comic series ever.

The series began with two-part reinterpretations of TOS episodes, and gradually introduced more entirely original stories as the series progressed. It has also had several flash-back issues filling in some of the back-story of the nuTrek characters. Several stories from the series also included crossovers with other Star Trek series, directly or in flashback, introducing elements of DS9, TOS, and TNG. As the series continued the format has varied more, with stories of different lengths, ranging from one to six issues long.

The series was written almost entirely by Mike Johnson, with Ryan Parrott contributing the only two issues not written by him. Numerous artists have worked on the series, with Tony Shasteen the most prolific, having illustrated most issues since issue thirty-five.

The first twenty issues of the series were set between the first nuTrek film and Into Darkness (or flashbacks to earlier), issue twenty-one picked up events following Into Darkness. From issue forty-two to fifty-two the series was given a subtitle, 5 Year Mission, reflecting the mission the Enterprise had embarked upon.

The series ended to coincide with the release of the movie Star Trek Beyond in 2016. A new ongoing series, Boldly Go, from the same creative team, launched later the same year, continuing the Kelvin timeline story after the events of the film.

#1: Where No Man Has Gone Before, Part 1
  • Notes: First half of a two-part nuTrek version of the classic episode Where No Man Has Gone Before.
  • Writer: Mike Johnson. Artist: Stephen Molnar.
  • Published: September 2011.
  • Coverage: Preview pages.
  • Purchase: Amazon.com.

#2: Where No Man Has Gone Before, Part 2
  • Notes: Second half of a two-part nuTrek version of the classic episode Where No Man Has Gone Before.
  • Writer: Mike Johnson. Artist: Stephen Molnar.
  • Published: October 2011.
  • Coverage: Preview pages.
  • Purchase: Amazon.com.

Star Trek retro cloth action figures

Starting in 2007, Diamond Select Toys launched a line of action figures based on those produced by Mego in the 1970s. The "retro cloth" range is a mix of faithful reproductions of the classic figures, updated versions of some characters, and brand new characters not originally included in the line.

Typically the series was released in waves of two characters, featuring a Starfleet character with an alien. Almost all the characters are from TOS, with the exception of wave nine in the series, the only TNG characters in the range.

The series had regular releases until 2012, totally twenty-one characters and a playset.

Capt. Kirk
  • Notes: Wave 1 release, and a faithful reproduction of the original Mego figure.
  • Purchase: Amazon.com.

  • Notes: Wave 1 release, and a faithful reproduction of the original Mego figure.
  • Purchase: Amazon.com.

Star Trek ReAction Figures

ReAction Figures are a range of three-and-three-quarter inch tall action figures produced by Funko, they are styled after the class Kenner action figures of the 1970s. Funko have produced figures from many different TV and film series in this format, including a Star Trek range which begun in 2015, so far focusing on characters from The Original Series.


Thursday 6 August 2015


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