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Friday, 20 November 2015

Borg Cube models

This is a list of various toys, models, ornaments, and other products based on the Borg Cube, and Borg Tactical Cube. First seen in the first ever Borg episode, Q Who, the Cube is perhaps the most recognisable icon of the Borg Collective. Its simple geometric silhouette belays the incredibly intricate detailing of the hull, which has resulted in mixed results when recreating the design in the various forms listed below.

Attack Wing gaming miniature
  • Format: Oversized gaming miniature, one of the largest models in the Attack Wing game. A new edition is due in 2016, featuring a port from which a Borg Sphere can launched.
  • Maker: Neca Wizkids.
  • Release date: December 2014.
  • Purchase:

Eaglemoss model (Tactical Cube)

Furuta model
  • Format: Small-scale snap-together kit model, part of a large range of small model ships from Furuta. The same cube was also released as variant which had a light-feature (with a red glow), and came coupled with a small Borg Sphere model.
  • Maker: Furuta.
  • Release date: 2006.
  • Purchase (lighted version):

Johnny Lightning model
  • Format: Small-scale model, part of Legends of Star Trek range. Several variants of the Cube were released over the course of the collection: 
      • The first standard cube came in 2006 as part of the third series of releases. It included pegs so several cubes could be attached to each other creating a larger cube (reflecting what a large vessel it is in-universe).
      • Series four, in 2007, included a variant with a tiny Borg Sphere launching from it. 
      • 2008's series six included a battle damaged version, complete with explosion and weapons fire detailing!
    • Each wave also had corresponding short-packed "White Lightning" variants:
      • Series three standard cube in translucent green plastic.
      • Series four cube painted solid silver.
      • Series six cube painted silver and green.
  • Maker: Johnny Lightning. 
  • Release date: 2006.
  • Purchase:

Playmates electronic toy
  • Format: Playmates toy, with electronic light and sound features. A somewhat impressionistic version of the cube, attempting to emulate the piping of the original miniature by encasing a solid cube at the center in a cage-like outer cube of pipes and detailing.
  • Maker: Playmates.
  • Release date: 1994. 
  • Purchase:

Eaglemoss light-up cube
  • Format: A relatively simplified rendition of the cube, with a light feature. Originally offered as a subscription bonus item with Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, it was later made available for individual purchase as well.
  • Maker: Eaglemoss.
  • Release date: 2013.
  • Coverage: Review.
  • Purchase:

DeAgostini light-up cube

Attack Wing gaming miniature (Tactical Cube)
  • Format: Gaming miniature from the Attack Wing game. Released as part of wave five of expansions to the game.
  • Maker: Neca Wizkids.
  • Release date: June 2014.
  • Purchase:

Micro Machines toy
  • Format: Extra small scale toy. Initially released in a three-pack, alongside the Romulan warbird and Klingon Vor'cha, the Cube was subsequently released in several other multi-packed, with a variety of other ships in the range. This included some variant packs where the ships were produced in bronze and pewter finishes.
  • Maker: Galoob.
  • Release date: 1993. 
  • Purchase:

Innerspace playset
  • Format: Borg Cube from the Innerspace playset range. The Cube splits in half to hinge open, revealing an interior playset for the included micro-action figures of Captain Picard and a Borg drone.
  • Maker: Playmates.
  • Release date: 1996. 
  • Purchase:

Keepsake decoration

Monitor Mate

Keychain torch
  • Format: Keychain with built in torch.
  • Maker: Underground Toys.
  • Release date: 2013.
  • Purchase:

Coin bank
  • Format: Borg Cube money bank. To put money in, you place a coin on the Enterprise, which with an accompanying soundtrack is "tractor beamed" into the cube where the coin is deposited (see video).
  • Maker: IPI Toys
  • Release date: 1990s.

  • Format: Small fridge modelled on the Borg Cube, with light-up sections.
  • Maker: ThinkGeek.
  • Release date: July 2014.
  • Purchase: ThinkGeek

Glowing chair
  • Format: Battery powered Borg Cube light - Can glow lots of colours, including green, as specified by remote control, and is strong enough to be used as a stall too.
  • Maker: ThinkGeek.
  • Release date: November 2015.
  • Purchase: AmazonThinkGeek.

Paper lantern floor-lamp
  • Format: Borg Cube styled paper lantern floor lamp.
  • Maker: ThinkGeek.
  • Release date: November 2015.
  • Purchase: ThinkGeek.

Ice-cube mold

  • Format: Borg Cube styled ceramic mug.
  • Maker: ThinkGeek.
  • Release date: May 2016.
  • Purchase: ThinkGeek.

Whiskey chillers
  • Format: Steel cubes for cooling drinks. The cubes themselves are just standard metal cubes with a Borg logo on, but they come packaged in a Borg Cube box...
  • Maker: ThinkGeek.
  • Release date: June 2014.
  • Purchase: ThinkGeek.

Borg Mega Cube
  • Format: Borg Cube styled box-set containing all seven seasons of TNG on DVD, and a clock! Region 2.
  • Maker: Paramount Home Entertainment.
  • Release date: November 2003.
  • Purchase:

Star Trek Voyager Ultimate Collection
  • Format: A bright-green Borg Cube styled box-set containing all seven seasons of Voyager on DVD. Region 4.
  • Maker: Paramount Home Entertainment.
  • Release date: December 2007.

The Borg Box
  • Format: Borg Cube styled TNG VHS box-set, featuring four cassettes of Borg episodes.
  • Maker: Paramount Home Entertainment.
  • Release date: December 1994.
  • Purchase:

The Borg coin packaging
  • Format: Borg Cube inspired packaging for a coin also featuring a Borg design.
  • Maker: Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Release date: April 2017.
  • Purchase: Amazon.
Image sources: Manufacturers and retailers, Memory Alpha, スタートレックとGPZ900Rそしてミニカーのあれこれ.

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