Saturday 4 November 2017

QMx 1:6 scale Star Trek articulated figures

QMx have produced a range of Star Trek characters as 1:6 scale articulated figures, starting in 2016. Each character is released separately, and features highly detailed head sculpts, intricately recreated cloth costumes, numerous accessories, and an assortment of different hands to allow different poses, and to hold all those accessories. Each figures also comes with a display base. Most of the releases have also been available as an exclusive edition when bought directly from QMx, including additional accessories. At 1:6 scale, each character is about twelve inches tall.

So far the majority of releases have been of TOS TV-era characters. There has been one TNG figure in the series so far. QMx have plans for many more characters from the TOS and TNG TV eras, plus Wrath of KhanStar Trek Beyond, and Discovery figures.

This list is in release order.

Captain Kirk

  • Overview: TV-era Spock, with a phaser pistol, communicator, tricorder, and landing party utility belt. There are numerous hands to hold each of those, plus ones for the live long and prosper sign, nerve pinch and mind meld. The exclusive edition comes with a Vulcan lyre too.
  • Release date: July 2016.
  • Coverage: Images and details.
  • Purchase: AmazonThings From Another WorldEntertainment EarthForbidden Planet.

Doctor McCoy
  • Overview: TV-era Doctor McCoy, with a med kit, phaser pistol, communicator, tricorder, landing party equipment belt, and numerous hands to hold each of those. The exclusive edition comes with an addition uniform option, the short-sleeve scrubs variant.
  • Release date: January 2017.
  • Coverage: Images and details.
  • Purchase: AmazonEntertainment EarthForbidden Planet.

Captain Picard
  • Overview: TV-era Captain Picard (the first TNG figure in the range), with a phaser pistol and holster, tricorder, PADD, and a cup of tea! There are numerous hands to hold each of those, plus a make it so gesture hand! The exclusive edition comes with a phaser rifle, plus an additional set of hands to hold it.
  • Release date: April 2017.
  • Coverage: Images and details.
  • Notes: This was actually the first figure in the range that QMx previewed, at the 2015 New York Toy Fair. The first preview of the figure was in the TNG movie-era uniform, but this has not been seen since; it is not known if QMx still plan to release this version as well. 
  • Purchase: AmazonEntertainment Earth.

Khan Noonien Singh
  • Overview: Space Seed version of Khan, with crushed phaser and the rod used in the fight with Kirk, plus an assortment of hands. This is the first figure in the series not to be offered with an exclusive variant.
  • Release date: November 2017.
  • Coverage: Comic Con displayImages and details.

 Captain's chair
  • Overview: TV-era TOS captain's chair. A recreation of the original prop complete with working lights and bridge sounds. Powered by batteries or USB.
  • Release date: December 2017.
  • Coverage: Video.
  • Purchase: Entertainment Earth.


Geordi La Forge

William T. Riker

Wrath of Khan Khan Noonien Singh
Wrath of Khan Admiral Kirk
Wrath of Khan Spock

Beyond Captain Kirk
  • Overview: Star Trek Beyond-era Kirk.
  • Release date: TBA.
  • Coverage: Comic Con display, Toy Fair display.
  • Notes: This character has been shown in both standard duty uniform and survival jacket variants. It's not clear QMx plan to release both or were testing interest in either.

Captain Georgiou 
  • Overview: Discovery's Captain Georgiou.
  • Release date: TBA.
  • Coverage: Comic Con display.


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