Thursday 5 November 2015

Star Trek: Gold Key Archives comic omnibuses

The Gold Key Archives is a series of Star Trek comic omnibuses published by IDW Publishing from 2014 onwards. Each hardcover book collects six issues from the first ever series of Star Trek comics, originally published by Gold Key Comics from 1967 to 1979.

The Gold Key Comics have previously been printed in omnibus books, by Golden Press in the 1970s, as Enterprise Logs, and Checker Books' The Key Collection, in the 2000s - Neither series managed to reprint the entire run. What sets the Gold Key Archives apart from both previous efforts is the substantial remastering of the artwork, replacing previously quite drab reproductions with vibrant, clean, and crisp new colouring.

Each book features new cover artwork by Michael Stribling, and new introductory texts from a variety of contemporary Star Trek comics experts. Some volumes also feature short biographies of the original creators.

Gold Key Archives, Volume 1

Gold Key Archives, Volume 2

Gold Key Archives, Volume 3

Gold Key Archives, Volume 4

Gold Key Archives, Volume 5
  • Contents: Issues #25-28 and #30-31:
    • Dwarf Planet
    • The Perfect Dream
    • Ice Journey
    • The Mimicking Menace
    • Death of a Star
    • The Final Truth
  • Contributors:
    • Writers: Arnold Drake, John David Warner, George Kashdan, and Allan Moniz
    • Artist: Alberto Giolitti.
    • Introduction by Bjo Trimble.
  • Published: June 2016.
  • Coverage: Excerpt
  • Notes: The book also contains a cover gallery of unique covers from reprinted stories in the series, including issue 29, which was originally a reprint of issue 1, hence not being included in this collection.
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Gold Key Archives, Volume 6
  • Contents: Issues #32–34, #36, and #38–39:
    • The Animal People
    • The Choice
    • The Psychocrystals
    • A Bomb in Time
    • One of Our Captains is Missing
    • Prophet of Peace
  • Contributors:
    • Writers: Arnold Drake, and Allan Moniz
    • Artist: Jose Delbo, Alden McWilliams, and Alberto Giolitti.
  • Published: April 2016.
  • Notes: Issues 35 and 37 were originally a reprints of issues 4 and 5, hence not being included in this collection.
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