Thursday 6 August 2015


Welcome to Trek Collective Lists. This site is reference resource of Star Trek lists, intended to provide context to articles on The Trek Collective. Here you will find lists of Star Trek books and comic series, author bibliographies, lists of Star Trek toys and homewares ranges, lists by theme, or the companies that make Star Trek products. All sorts of Star Trek lists! You will find links to index pages of all the different lists in the bar at the top of the page, as well as links to other useful resources on The Trek Collective, such as schedule pages and the reading order flow chart.

This site is an expansion of my previous lists page, which linked to Amazon "listmania" lists I had compiled on various Star Trek subjects. Amazon have recently discontinued support for that feature, and it seemed to me a good opportunity to build upon a popular resource, and expand it beyond the limits of Amazon's catalogue and list format. This new list resource will allow me greater flexibility in formatting and presentation of the different lists, making an even more useful resource. While I am building up the replacement lists here, the Amazon lists are still available for reference, and are listed on the index pages, marked Amazon, so you can tell which are new lists here, and which will take you to Amazon.

I hope the resource proves useful to anyone who has found their way here.

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