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Friday, 7 August 2015

Star Trek retro cloth action figures

Starting in 2007, Diamond Select Toys launched a line of action figures based on those produced by Mego in the 1970s. The "retro cloth" range is a mix of faithful reproductions of the classic figures, updated versions of some characters, and brand new characters not originally included in the line.

Typically the series was released in waves of two characters, featuring a Starfleet character with an alien. Almost all the characters are from TOS, with the exception of wave nine in the series, the only TNG characters in the range.

The series had regular releases until 2012, totally twenty-one characters and a playset.

Capt. Kirk
  • Notes: Wave 1 release, and a faithful reproduction of the original Mego figure.
  • Purchase:

  • Notes: Wave 1 release, and a faithful reproduction of the original Mego figure.
  • Purchase:

  • Notes: Wave 2 release, and another faithful reproduction, 
  • Purchase:

  • Notes: Wave 2 release, and a faithful reproduction of the original Mego figure.
  • Purchase:

Dr. McCoy
  • Notes: Wave 3 release, and a faithful reproduction of the original Mego figure.
  • Purchase:

  • Notes: Wave 3 release, and a faithful reproduction of the original Mego figure.
  • Purchase:

  • Notes: Wave 4 release, and a faithful reproduction of the original Mego figure.
  • Purchase:

The Keeper
  • Notes: Wave 4 release, and a faithful reproduction of the original Mego figure.
  • Purchase:

  • Notes: Stand-alone retailer exclusive, and the the first brand new character in the retro cloth range.
  • Purchase:

Lt. Uhura
  • Notes: Wave 5 release, and a faithful reproduction of the original Mego figure.
  • Purchase:

  • Notes: Wave 5 release, and a faithful reproduction of the original Mego figure.
  • Purchase:

  • Notes: Wave 6 release, and a brand new addition to the Mego-style world.
  • Purchase:

  • Notes: Wave 6 release, and a faithful reproduction of the original Mego figure. Specifically this is the character Bele.
  • Purchase:

Lt. Sulu
  • Notes: Wave 7 release, and another brand new addition to the Mego-style world.
  • Purchase:

  • Notes: Wave 7 release, and an unusual case of being another new design, but this time of a character Mego did do before; only the original Gorn looked nothing like a Gorn, so he got an upgrade to fix that.
  • Purchase:

Capt. Pike
  • Notes: Wave 8 release, and another new Mego-style design.
  • Purchase:

Salt Vampire
  • Notes: Wave 8 release, and another new Mego-style design.
  • Purchase:
Captain Picard
  • Notes: Wave 9 release, the first and only TNG characters in the range, and of course all new designs.
  • Purchase:

  • Notes: Wave 9 release, the first and only TNG characters in the range, and of course all new designs.
  • Purchase:

Mirror universe Captain Kirk
  • Notes: Wave 10 release, the first character variants in the series, new mirror universe Mego figures.
  • Purchase:

Mirror universe Spock
  • Notes: Wave 10 release, the first character variants in the series, new mirror universe Mego figures.
  • Purchase:

    Bridge playset
    • Notes: Another faithful reproduction, this time of the Mego bridge playset. This was also reissued in 2016 in 50th anniversary packaging.
    • Coverage: 2016 release images.
    • Purchase:


    Several more characters have been teased or previewed, but not yet entered production.

    In the prototype stage at the same time as the Pike and Salt Vampire figures, there were also to be new Mego-style versions of Nurse Chapel and Vina as an Orion Slave Girl. Indeed it appears they would have been paired up differently had all four characters been released.

    The TNG packaging also featured illustrations of Data and a Klingon, implying they would have been next had the TNG line continued further.

    In 2016 DST planned to reissue the range, but due to lack of retailer interest only the bridge playset was released again. Had the reissue gone ahead, some of the pairing would have been changed, with Spock released alongside Khan. Additionally two new figures were planned: Ageneric red shirt security officer figure, which would have been issued in two variants, with black or brown hair, and one with officer rank stripes. He was to have been joined by a variant of the original Cheron figure, with the black and white swapped, making this Lokai rather than Bele.


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