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Star Trek books and stories by Dayton Ward

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This is a list of Star Trek stories and books written by Dayton Ward, who has written numerous novels and novellas, as well as a comic, non-fiction books, and many articles for various Star Trek magazines and

Ward's first published Star Trek work was a winning short story in the Strange New Worlds writing contest, which he won places in for two further consecutive years. Following this Ward became a regular writer for the SCE ebook novella series, and also began to work with his regular writing partner Kevin Dilmore. Ward has since gone on to write numerous Star Trek novels as well as other shorter fiction, with a particular focus on TOS and TNG stories. Together with Dilmore, fellow author David Mack, and editor Marco Palmieri, Ward also co-created the Vanguard, and later Seekers series, with Ward-Dilmore and Mack writing alternate books in both series.

The list below is of Ward's Star Trek stories and books, presented in publication order.

  • Notes: A TOS short story, and Ward's first Star Trek story. A winning entry in the first ever Strange New Worlds writing competition and subsequent anthology book.
  • Published: July 1998.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Almost... But Not Quite
  • Notes: A Voyager/Department of Temporal Investigations short story. From the Strange New Worlds II anthology.
  • Published: May 1999.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

The Aliens Are Coming!
  • Notes: A TOS short story, and sequel to Tomorrow is Yesterday. Originally published in the Strange New Worlds III anthology, and later released as a separate ebook.
  • Published: May 2000 (anthology), July 2002 (ebook).
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Interphase, Book One
  • Notes: An SCE novella, the fourth in the series. First half of a duology, and sequel to The Tholian Web. Also Ward's first Star Trek novella, and first story co-written with Kevin Dilmore. This book was later reprinted in the first SCE omnibus, Have Tech, Will Travel.
  • Published: February 2001 (ebook), January 2002 (omnibus).
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Interphase, Book Two
  • Notes: An SCE novella, the fifth book in the series, and second half of a duology. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore. This book was later reprinted in the SCE omnibus Miracle Workers.
  • Published: March 2001 (ebook), February 2002 (omnibus).
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 In the Name of Honor
  • Notes: Ward's first Star Trek novel, a TOS book.
  • Published: January 2002.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

  • Notes: An SCE novella trilogy, books seventeen to nineteen in the series, featuring stories of the 23rd century version of the SCE, and introducing the USS Lovell (which appears in numerous later works) The second book is also a sequel to The Return of the Archons. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore. Originally published as three ebooks, the trilogy was later collected in a single omnibus book.
  • Published: June 2002 (book 1), July 2002 (book 2), August 2002 (book 3), March 2004 (omnibus).
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Home Fires
  • Notes: An SCE novella, book twenty-five in the series. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore. This book was later reprinted in the SCE omnibus Breakdowns.
  • Published: February 2003 (ebook) May 2005 (omnibus).
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Loose Ends
  • Notes: A New Frontier short story, from the anthology No Limits.
  • Published: October 2003.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

A Time to Sow
  • Notes: A TNG novel and first half of a duology, as well as being the third book in the Nemesis prequel series, A Time to.... Co-written with Kevin Dilmore.
  • Published: April 2004.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

A Time to Harvest
  • Notes: A TNG novel and second half of a duology, as well as being the fourth book in the Nemesis prequel series, A Time to.... Co-written with Kevin Dilmore.
  • Published: May 2004.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Grand Designs
  • Notes: An SCE novella, book twenty-five in the series. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore. This book was later reprinted in an SCE omnibus also titled Grand Designs.
  • Published: May 2004 (ebook) July 2007 (omnibus).
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Field Expediency
  • Notes: An SCE short story. Published in the anthology Tales of the Dominion War. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore.
  • Published: August 2004.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Where Time Stands Still
  • Notes: An SCE novella, book forty-four in the series. This is a sequel to the TAS episode The Time Trap, and another 23rd century SCE story featuring the USS Lovell. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore. This book was later reprinted in the SCE omnibus Creative Couplings.
  • Published: September 2004 (ebook) December 2007 (omnibus).
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Distant Early Warning
  • Notes: An SCE novella, book sixty-four in the series, and the fourth book in the What's Past miniseries. The story, again featuring the USS Lovell, is a prequel to the Vanguard series. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore. This book was later reprinted in the SCE omnibus What's Past.
  • Published: June 2006 (ebook) August 2010 (omnibus).
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Summon the Thunder
  • Notes: Second book in the Vanguard series, and introduction of the USS Lovell to that series. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore, who together with Ward would become one of the regular writers on the series, alternating books with David Mack.
  • Published: June 2006.
  • Purchase: Amazon.
Things Fall Apart
  • Notes: TOS novella, and first book in the TOS fortieth anniversary miniseries Mere Anarchy. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore. The complete Mere Anarchy series was later published in an omnibus book.
  • Published: August 2006 (ebook) March 2009 (omnibus).
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First, Do No Harm
  • Notes: A TOS short story from the fortieth anniversary anthology Constellations. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore.
  • Published: September 2006.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Turn the Page
  • Notes: First novella from the rebranded SCE series, rechristened Corps of Engineers. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore. The eight books released under the Corps of Engineers banner have yet to be collected in a print omnibus.
  • Published: December 2006.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Age of the Empress

Acts of Compassion
  • Notes: A TNG short story. Published in The Sky's the Limit, an anthology of short stories released to mark TNG's twentieth anniversary. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore.
  • Published: October 2007.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Ill Winds

Open Secrets
  • Notes: Fourth novel in the Vanguard series. Kevin Dilmore was unable to co-write with Ward for this entry in the series, but still receives a story credit in the book.
  • Published: May 2009.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

The First Peer
  • Notes: A Romulan-focused short story, published in the anthology Seven Deadly Sins. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore.
  • Published: March 2010.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Paths of Disharmony
  • Notes: A TNG novel featuring the Andorians, part of the Typhon Pact series.
  • Published: February 2011.
  • Coverage: Excerpt.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Almost Tomorrow

What Judgments Come
  • Notes: The penultimate Vanguard novel. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore.
  • Published: October 2011.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

That Which Divides

In Tempest's Wake

From History's Shadow
  • Notes: Five-year-mission TOS time travel novel, featuring 20th century UFO paranoia and Roberta Lincoln.
  • Published: August 2013.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms
  • Notes: TNG novel, and final book in The Fall crossover miniseries. 
  • Published: January 2014.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Seekers 2: Point of Divergence

Armageddon's Arrow
  • Series/format: TNG novel featuring a time travelling relative of the doomsday machine.
  • Published: June 2015.
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Seekers #4: All That's Left
  • Notes: Fourth novel in the Seekers series. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore.
  • Published: November 2015.
  • Coverage: Cover art.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Elusive Salvation
  • Notes: TOS movie-era novel, and follow-up to the From History's Shadow, this time with 20th century sections set in the 70s and 80s.
  • Published: May 2016.
  • Purchase: Amazon.   

Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Vulcan

Legacies, Book III: Purgatory's Key
  • Notes: TOS novel, and final books in the 50th anniversary Legacies trilogy. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore. This book was also released as an audiobook, read by Robert Petkoff.
  • Published: September 2016.
  • Purchase:

The Menace of the Mechanitrons
  • Notes: Ward's first Star Trek comic, a Gold Key inspired TOS story. This was published as part of the anthology series Waypoint, one of two stories in issue two of the series. Co-written with Kevin Dilmore, and illustrated by Gordon Purcell. This book was later reprinted in the Waypoint omnibus.
  • Published: November 2016.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Headlong Flight
  • Notes: TNG novel set after Armageddon's Arrow, but featuring an interaction between three different timelines, with other settings being an alternate Enterprise-D, and a TOS-era Romulan Bird of Prey. This book was also released as an audiobook, read by Robert Petkoff.
  • Published: February 2017.
  • Purchase:

Hidden Universe Travel Guides: The Klingon Empire
  • Notes: Another "non-fiction" travel guide, this time to the Klingon Empire.
  • Published: July 2017.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Hearts and Minds
  • Notes: TNG novel set after Headlong Flight (and the Prey trilogy in between), but also a sequel to Elusive Salvation and From History's Shadow, with a story revealing another moment of pre-first contact alien visitation to Earth, this time in the early 21st century. This book was also released as an audiobook, read by Robert Petkoff.
  • Published: February 2017.
  • Purchase:

  • Notes: Discovery novel, set ten years before the series, and centered on the events of the Tarsus IV massacre. This book is published in the larger sized trade paperback format, as well as ebook. This book was also released as an audiobook, read by Robert Petkoff. A German language edition, Drastische Massnahmen, was translated by Helga Parmiter
  • Published: February 2018.
  • Coverage: Excerpts.
  • Purchase: 

  • Notes: Model and book set, including a wooden model kit of the TNG USS Enterprise-D.
  • Published: June 2018.
  • Coverage: Images and details.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Available Light

Kirk Fu Manual

Agents of Influence
  • Notes: TOS novel.
  • Published: June 2020.

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