Sunday 19 June 2016

Star Trek stories by John Jackson Miller

This is a list of Star Trek stories written by John Jackson Miller, who to date has written a number of stories in the 24th century era. Before entering the world of Star Trek, Miller was a well established writer, particularly known for his many Star Wars comics and novels.

Miller would have written for Star Trek many years earlier, having sold a story for what would have been a novella in the Corps of Engineers series - Indeed it was his first successful prose pitch. Unfortunately the series was then cancelled before his story reached publication.

The list below is of Miller's Star Trek stories, presented in publication order.

Absent Enemies


Prey, Book I: Hell's Heart

Prey, Book II: The Jackal's Trick

Prey, Book III: The Hall of Heroes

The Enterprise War
  • Notes: Discovery novel featuring Captain Pike and the USS Enterprise, set in the period of the Klingon War.
  • Published: July 2019.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Die Standing

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