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Star Trek stories by James Swallow

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This is a list of Star Trek stories written by James Swallow, whose work is wide ranging, including episodes of Voyager (the first and so far only British writer for Star Trek television), numerous novels and other shorter prose fiction for all the prime series except Enterprise, as well as several books-only series, and a Star Trek video game. Swallow has also contributed to several Star Trek magazines, including the Star Trek Magazine and Star Trek: Fact Files.

Beyond Star Trek, Swallow has written works for several other franchises, including prose and/or audiobooks from Doctor Who, Stargate, Warhammer, and several other series, as well as video game scripting, including Star Wars for Disney Infinity 3.0.

The list below is of Swallow's Star Trek stories, in all formats, presented in publication order.

  • Notes: Swallow's first Star Trek story, a Voyager episode. Swallow is uncredited, but pitched the story which was scripted by Jeri Taylor. The nebula in which this episode is set was later named the Swallow Nebula in the Star Trek: Star Charts, in honour of the writer.
  • Air date: May 1998.
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  • Notes: Another Voyager episode. Again Swallow is uncredited, but pitched the story which was credited to Brannon Braga, with the teleplay wrtten by Robin Burger. 
  • Air date: February 2000.
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  • Notes: A TNG video game for Playstation, Swallow's first and only Star Trek video game. 
  • Published: September 2000.
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  • Notes: A Voyager short story, and Swallow's first Star Trek prose. Published in Distant Shores, an anthology of short stories released to mark Voyager's tenth anniversary.
  • Published: November 2005.
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Ordinary Days
  • Notes: A TNG short story. Published in The Sky's the Limit, an anthology of short stories released to mark TNG's twentieth anniversary.
  • Published: October 2007.
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Day of the Vipers
  • Notes: A DS9 prequel, and Swallow's first Star Trek novel. This is the first book in Terok Nor trilogy, which was also part of the Lost Era series.
  • Published: April 2008.
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Seeds of Dissent
  • Notes: A novella in alternate timelines Myriad Universes series. In this timeline alternate DS9 characters discover the Botany Bay, in a timeline where Khan was victorious in the Eugenics Wars. Published in the anthology Infinity's Prism.
  • Published: July 2008.
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The Black Flag

  • Notes: Swallow's first Titan novel, a story focused on artificial intelligence.
  • Published: November 2009.
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The Slow Knife
  • Notes: A Cardassian-focused short story, published in the anthology Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Published: March 2010.
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Cast No Shadow
  • Notes: A novel set after The Undiscovered Country (not marketed as such, but in the Lost Era time period), focused on Valeris and Elias Vaughn.
  • Published: August 2011.
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  • Notes: A TNG ebook novella featuring the Nexus from Generations.
  • Published: March 2013.
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The Fall: The Poisoned Chalice
  • Notes: Titan novel, and penultimate book in the The Fall crossover series.
  • Published: December 2013.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Sight Unseen
  • Notes: A Titan novel establishing a new mission for the Titan following the events of The Fall. Sequel to the TNG episode Schisms.
  • Published: October 2015.
  • Purchase: Amazon, iTunes.

The Latter Fire
  • Notes: Five-year-mission TOS novel.
  • Published: March 2016.
  • Purchase: Amazon.

Fear Itself

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