Sunday, 6 December 2015

Perth Mint Star Trek coins

In 2015 Perth Mint began releasing Star Trek coins; so far they have offered designs representing all the live-action television series, featuring both characters and ships. Most of the releases have come in pairs, one captain and one ship coin, offered both individually (in editions of 5000), and as a two-pack (in editions of 1500) (see packaging examples at the bottom of this list). There has also been one additional character coin.

All the coins featuring colour print sections. Character coins frame the character portraits, printed, in a delta shape, with other low relief details in the "background", such as schematics, computer interfaces, and emblems. Each ship coin keeps the ship as a low relief representation, with a background of printed spacey scenes in a circular section around the ship. The ship and backgrounds are framed by the laurel leaves of the United Federation of Planets emblem, also low relief.

Each coin is legal tender of Tuvalu, with a face value of one dollar. All the coins so far have been cast in silver however, so are sold for significantly higher than this price.

Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise

Captain Picard and the USS Enterprise-D

Captain Sisko and Deep Space 9

Captain Janeway and the USS Voyager

Captain Archer and the Enterprise NX-01

  • Release date: August 2015.
  • Coverage: Details and images.
  • Notes: This is the only non-captain character design in the series so far, released in tribute to the recently departed Leonard Nimoy. 
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All the joins feature the same reverse design, the head of Queen Elizabeth II, and details of the origin and face value.

Individual coins are supplied in a case with an illuminated ring around the coin. The case can be opened using the delta shaped button at the front.

The cases themselves come packaged in a square box, using the standard Star Trek packaging of the period for higher end products - As this is one of the few ranges to include all five prime TV series since the introduction of this style of packaging it is a rare example of its usage for the series with less merchandise. The ship design boxes feature a section of schematic, while the character designs feature a portrait of the character in a delta.

All the captain and ship pairs have also been offered in a two-pack, where the two coins are presented in a transporter chamber style case - One coin sits on top, while the over is kept inside, only visible when the chamber is opened. Both positions are illuminated. The box art for these uses a ship schematic in a delta design.

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